The Basic Guide on Choosing the Right Type of Flooring

vinyl, wood, carpet tiles, laminate flooring

Four of the most common flooring types in the Philippines are vinyl, wood, laminate and carpet tiles. The flooring is one of the well-thought out feature during the design phase because it projects the aesthetic appeal of an establishment. Nothing is more obvious than the ground we walk on.

For businesses, it establishes the image of their company because this surface is the first thing the visitors or clients see upon entering the building besides its architectural design. For homeowners who want to sell their house, the condition of the flooring is one of the things buyers consider to gauge if it is saleable or not.

Keep in mind though that it doesn’t mean if a flooring type looks and feels good, it is the right one. Not all floorings should be treated equal. Many factors come into play and must be weighed carefully. pointed each of these factors such as:

  • Life span and durability = it should outlast the building’s service life and can withstand wear and tear.
  • Care and maintenance = repairing a flooring is more expensive than its initial installation. The expense comes in a monthly or quarterly basis and also based on the difficulty of cleaning or maintaining it.
  • Installation = the ease of installation depends on the type of the flooring. Some materials use adhesive or nails, while others have a tongue-and-groove system that snaps the tiles into place.
  • Safety = the flooring should be water-, noise-, stain-, slip- and chemical-resistant.
  • Location = this is the most important factor to consider because the first four items are dependent on this one. The flooring should be appropriate on the location or its function.

To understand this more, we have provided an overview of the characteristics of the flooring types mentioned above:

Carpet tiles

           It creates a homey feel and has a variety of designs. It is made from polyester, nylon, polypropylene, or wool. Carpet tiles are moderately difficult to install and quite expensive. It is not stain and water resistant but can insulate noise. The denser the fiber used, the more durable it is.

 Vinyl flooring

           It is made from synthetic polymer or fiberglass. Sometimes called resilient flooring due to its durability yet it is comfortable underfoot. It can be installed without any adhesive and can last up to 20 years. It is also affordable and maintenance-free. DIY Network says it is ideal for bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.

Laminate flooring

           As defined by, this material is made from wood, tile, or stone with clear protective coating on top and a dense fiberboard on the bottom. It is low-maintenance and has a HD quality look because of its photo-realism technology or coating. Installation is easy due to its click-into-place styles. Not recommended for damp areas such as bathrooms or washrooms.

Wood flooring

           It creates a warm, natural and earthy atmosphere that is why it is still the ideal flooring for homes. However, it is not easy to install, according to HomeAdvisor, because “you’ll need to prep the floor, install the hardwood, [and] then go through an extended series of sanding, buffing, treating, and varnishing” before you achieve its final look. Due to this process, hardwood is an expensive choice. You may try engineered wood instead as it has the same finish as hardwood.

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The Basic Guide on Choosing the Right Type of Flooring

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